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Caroline Guitar Company

Caroline Guitar Company Cannonball 2014 Black Geometric

Caroline Guitar Company Cannonball 2014 Black Geometric

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Our Cannonball™ pedals are the legacy of our original Wave Cannon™ v1 stompboxes. Each is a work of art, with the enclosure custom painted by a noteworthy artist and then specially wired by hand in our shop.

Each begins with the original version of our Wave Cannon® distortion circuit, then we load the Havoc switch, but this time we put it on a rugged latched or momentary footswitch that you can activate with your foot. Other mods may include a voltage sag for cool, “broken” sounds or a control to fine-tune the amount of feedback that Havoc will create. Most Cannonballs made since 2014 have a fifth mystery knob with one of those two functions.

Note: This pedal is a NOS (New Old Stock) store demo pedal and might have some slight scratches and dings.

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