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DNA Analogic

DNA Analogic Gain Fxxker II Distortion

DNA Analogic Gain Fxxker II Distortion

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"With its off-color name and black and silver sparkle finish, the Gain Fxxker II Distortion Pedal makes no excuses for itself - it's a brutal high-gain metal distortion box through and through! If you want smooth, bluesy overdrive or classic fuzz, look elsewhere! The GF-2 is all about chunky, singing, saturated gain--in fact, this is the second version of this pedal as the engineers at DNA didn't think the first was brutal enough!

Even with the Drive set at zero, the GF-2 has more crunch than a grocery store full of Nestle bars, and it only gets better as you turn it up! At maximum Drive settings the GF-2 has the punch and authority of a wall of Marshalls running at 11 and is the perfect partner for today's underground musician or any fan of the extreme.

You can't live on gain alone, and knowing this, DNA Analogic engineered the Gain Fxxker with 2 unique tone shaping controls. The first is Cut, which controls the ultrahigh frequencies only and gives your tone clarity and definition without sounding thin or raspy. The second is Fxxk, and this ultralow-frequency boost hits harder than Tyson in his glory days.

The combination of these 2 controls give the GF-2 an incredible versatility considering its single-minded design, and all types of ultrahigh gain tones can be achieved, from the precision punch of Dimebag thru the scooped-mids of Metallic to the swampy sludge of COC. Definitely not for the faint of heart, the Gain Fxxker II is the ultimate weapon of mass destruction!

  • Ultrahigh-gain metal distortion
  • Chunky, singing, saturated gain
  • Cut controls ultrahigh frequencies for clarity and definition
  • Fxxk knob delivers ultralow-frequency boost
  • Level and Drive controls
  • Black and silver sparkle finish"
Excellent condition. Does not come with the original box or manual. 

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