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Maxon 9 Series VJR9 Vintage Jet Riser Flanger.

Maxon 9 Series VJR9 Vintage Jet Riser Flanger.

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An updated version of the coveted 1970s Jetlyzer, the Maxon Vintage Jet Riser Flanger Pedal combines a VCA, VCF, and analog flanger circuit to recreate the thunderous jet-plane swoosh of that holy-grail pedal plus a variety of unique effects including filtered chorus and tremolo, jet-slap bass, and more. Featuring true bypass switching, a high-performance noise reduction system, and internal voltage stabilizer, the Maxon VJR9 Pedal combines vintage tone with modern performance.

  • Updated version of a classic flanger
  • True bypass switching
  • High-performance noise reduction system
  • Internal voltage stabilizer

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