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Maxon D&S II OD-802 (UK Import)

Maxon D&S II OD-802 (UK Import)

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Maxon D&S II OD-802 (UK Import)

Nice Condition with Some Overall Wear

This original vintage Maxon Distortion/Sustainer with its mild drive, relaxed sustain and high output, sits the fence between an overdrive and a distortion. This unique “split personality” makes the D&S II perfect for players that seek a natural-feeling drive sound but with more drive and output than an OD generally provides. Like a standard distortion, the D&S II features a diode-clipping stage after the amplifier section of the circuit. However, rather than using the silicon diodes commonly found in today’s circuits, the D&S II uses germanium diodes in this clipping stage resulting in a smoother distorted tone. If you love the OD808’s bark but could use a little more bite, the D&S II is the pedal for you. Knobs for Distortion, Tone, and Level. Can be powered via an internal 9V battery or an external AC power supply. All original.

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