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T-Rex NOS Viper Vibe/Vibrato

T-Rex NOS Viper Vibe/Vibrato

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The VIPER will give you a range of cool, modulated 70s sounds - all enhanced with a T0Rex bite. You'll recognize the vibe effect at once, and it's easy to dial in everything from "Little Wing" to "Bridge of Sighs."

The main controls on the Viper are the DEPTH, SPEED, and LEVEL knobs, while the middle MODE button lets you select the basic character of your vibe. 

DEPTH controls the overall strength of the vibe effect. Start with a lower setting for a nice, subtle effect, and turn it up to send your sound whirling around the room. 

The SPEED knob lets you adjust how fast or slow your sound modulates-no matter what the depth, or mode you're in. 

LEVEL - lets you adjust the overall output. 

Use the MODE button to switch between the two classic vibe modes - a rotating speaker effect and a subtler vibrato sound. 

Note: This pedal is a NOS (New Old Stock) store demo pedal and might have some slight scratches and dings.

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